In 1938, two architects, Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy and Juan Kurchan in association with a Catalan designer, Antonio Bonnet, created the "Butterfly chair", also called the "BKF". They took their inspiration from a chair used by British officers during the 19th century military campaigns: the "Fenby chair", named after its creator Joseph Fenby.
It was first made by Artek-Pascoe and, then later on, by the world famous company Knoll. Knoll stopped making the chair in the late forties. In 1951 created Charles Bernard "Airborne", a company which specialised in sitting furniture. Thanks to his friend André Bloc, then Chief Editor of the magazine "Architecture d’Aujourd’hui", Charles Bernard decided to manufacture this chair and called it the AA chair, a tribute to the initials of the magazine and to the shape of the chair: the famous AA by Airborne was born… In 2010, two friends from South West France, bought Airborne which faced economic challenges at the time. They became the new owners of the Airborne Company and of the "AA by Airborne" trademark. Well aware of the fabulous inheritance which they just acquired, they took the greatest care into putting back the mythical chair on the market and therefore created Airborne Design, the sole authorised maker and distributor of the make since 1951.