SUI is a productive community. It's a heaven for young designers to develop strong ideas and take it beyond the drawing table. Local, sustainable and versatile... Exploring creative boundaries en designing ideas: that’s what John Roan has been doing successfully over the past 15 years with his band Arsenal. And he adopts this philosophy on everything he does in life, which led to the launch of a new creative project: SUI, a productive community, a playground for young and coming-up artists and designers to create and produce utilitarian objects. For their launch, SUI opted to collaborate with the Belgian Marylène Madou, a master student textile design and winner of the prestigious contest ‘The Silhouette of 2039’ of the fashion museum in Hasselt, Belgium. She created seven amazing and exclusive designs, almost mathematical and very colorful, for a collection of cotton handkerchiefs. SUI thinks of this object as a beautiful, but almost forgotten accessory which is entitled to a comeback, especially in an age where everything is created to throw away immediately.

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