New in: VOLO Collection by Antonino Sciortino

24 october 2019


Sciortino wanted a sofa whose rigid structure was barely visible, so that the soft part would give the impression that it is floating. 

When he went in search of a sofa for his beautiful home in the centre of Milan, he did not find what he was looking for. Sciortino immediately went to his studio and created his own sofa and day bed with his favourite material, steel. He gave his collection the name VOLO, Italian for ‘flight’. 

“The great structural capacity of the steel has allowed me to create a very minimalistic frame to support the cushions. The shape may be very pure and strict, but thanks to the focus on the cushions, the whole looks very soft and inviting.” 

Steel is not the only characteristic of Sciortino’s work – his contemporary, straightforward style fits in perfectly with different interior styles and tastes. There is also a Belgian aspect to VOLO, because of the upholstery in blue and curry Belgian Libeco linen with contrasting stitching to draw even more attention to the inviting softness of the sofa.