Stove poker by Etienne de Lagarde

Stove poker by Etienne de Lagarde

Carefree relaxation with a nice glass of wine at the fireplace. That is what the French blacksmith and designer Etienne de Lagarde had in mind when he forged his collection of artisan fireplace accessories. Objects with a timeless look that give a new meaning to the word convenience.

To foment the fire and keep it alive, the inventive designer created this poker with integrated blowpipe, inspired by the traditional wooden 'bouffadou' blowpipe from his native region in Occitania, southern France. However, the disadvantage of the wooden blowpipe was that it became shorter and shorter as the fire scorched the end.

Thanks to a handy mouthpiece and meticulously calibrated hollow steel tube, you can now provide your fire with oxygen effortlessly. And with the fork at the end you can easily rearrange the burning wood.

Discover also the wood carrier from Etienne de Lagarde at the bottom of this page.

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  • Dimensions: L 85 x W 8 cm
  • Colour: black, grip in natural leather
  • Material: steel

Additional info about

Both as an artist and as a designer, Etienne de Lagarde fits into the category of 'endless explorers’. He experiments with wood, leather and copper, and with his infinite imagination he forges, kneads, welds, saws, and hammers the boundaries of the materials to the next level. Often starting from something that he misses in existing everyday objects. And always ending with a tasteful and functional object, such as the fireplace accessories and the handy wine rack.

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