Flax has been farmed and linen fabrics woven in Flanders for centuries. By the 18th century, Meulebeke, situated near Kortrijk, was  one of the villages with the largest linen production. By the 1800's, there were dozens of weaving firms operating in and around Meulebeke. Of these, only two remained: Libeco and Lagae Linens. These weaving firms merged on June 2, 1997, into a single company known simply as Libeco·Lagae. The strength and synergy realized by this friendly merger ensures that the age-old craft of Belgian linen weaving heads into the new millennium stronger than ever. Between 1864 and 1950, they mostly focussed on the production of very fine handkerchiefs, table linen, bed linen and towels. Since 1980 the division became more and more active in promoting a complete concept of linen for the home. Today it is one of the most creative companies offering a complete range of household linens.