Schott Zwiesel 'Fortissimo' wine glasses

Schott Zwiesel 'Fortissimo' wine glasses

The Schott Zwiesel 'Fortissimo' collection consists of 5 different glasses with 5 different shapes : a champagne glass, a water or red wine glass, a white wine glass, a burgundy glass and a bordeaux glass.

Each glass is sold by 6 pieces.

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  • Dimensions: champagne glass : H 267mm, dia 74mm, vol. 240ml / waterred wine glass : H 258mm, dia 88mm, vol. 505ml / white wine glass : H 248mm, dia 82mm, vol. 404ml / burgundy glass : H 248mm, dia 111mm, vol. 727ml / bordeaux glass : H 271mm, dia 93mm, vol. 633ml

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Schott Zwiesel developed Tritan® crystal glass in cooperation with the Erlangen University and describres this new material as 'a huge step in the manufacture of crystal glass'. The main caracteristics of the patented Tritan® crystal glass are great brilliance, resistant to breakage and dishwasher safe.
The whole Schott Zwiesel collection has been developed with renowned sommeliers, which is why these glasses are appreciated by professionals around the world for their luxurious feel, clean design and ability to open up wines rich aromas and flavours.

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